Women demand justice for perpetrators of rape

By Wek Atak Kacjang

The South Sudan Women Bloc has demanded that justice should prevail on the perpetrators who raped two women last week in Juba.

They said the punishment of the perpetrators would save women from such violence.

On Friday,  two women were reported gang-raped by unknown armed men in Rock City, a suburb of Juba town.

The Chairperson for Women Bloc Amer  Manyok Deng wondered why such violence still happened against women.

“Everybody in Juba including women are being protected by joint security operations, but how comes such things happened to women and young girls ,”said Amer.

“If the suspects are not found then the forces on the ground protecting civilians should be questioned Yes we know police are the one who are supposed to deal with these issues but when you look at the roadside it is not only Police, there are other security organs. on the roads,”

She said that there was no justification as to why sexual violence against women should remain high and rampant.

“If the perpetrators are not found, I appeal to the government to do all that was necessary to find the solution against the continuous violence being meted out against women because they are seen as vulnerable and without protection,” Ms. Deng stated.

She pointed out that the night patrol forces should be held accountable on the matters since fingers were pointing to armed men.

Ms. Deng said that the government should inform the residents to take other protective measures if the government one was unavailable.

“They can put up their own security if the government is not able. This will help protect people who are in those locations. Whenever we talk of 35 percent affirmative, it shouldn’t actually be within the government setting,” she concluded.

Secretary for Women Against Poverty Organization, Annet James,   said it was not logical that women were mostly victims of rape which is usually committed the armed men.

She called for justice to apply without forgiveness on the perpetrators.    

“Violence against women often keep them away from contributing to social, economic and political development of their communities. Gender Based Violence against women and girls is global pandemic that affects women in their lifetime,” Ms. Annet said.

She called on the partners to support and protect the survivors of the gender based violence.

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