Women demand equal rights for children with disabilities

By Lemi Emmanuel

Women in Yei River County are urging the government to ensure equal rights for all school going children.

They said children living with disabilities need have equal rights with those who are physically fit.

Speaking during a talk show on the International Women Day in Yei, Medina Kiden who works for Disable Action Groups (DAG) said the new government should establish specific schools for people with special needs.

She said the mute and visually impaired need to be given equal rights that other children have.

“The parents of those school going children with physical impairment should report cases that discriminate people living with disabilities,” she said.

Kiden continued that the number of disabled and physically impaired school going girls is higher than that of boys in Yei River County.

She hailed both national and international and Non-Governmental Organizations that have been supporting people living with disabilities in Yei River County.

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