Cover Story

Women demand collective responsibility to bridge gender gap

By Morris Dogga

Women leaders have called for a collective responsibility from both the government and other stakeholders in a bid to help reduce the gender gap between men and women.

Funmi Balogun, the country Representative of the UN Women in South Sudan, said the responsibility to reduce gender gap should not be left to women alone.

“It is our collective responsibility to make sure that the gender gap is reducing in the country,” she said during a two-day workshop on gender mainstreaming organised by the National Ministry of Gender.

She urged the government to implement the policies including   international policies on gender mainstreaming, adding that it is government’s responsibility to implement it.

“The challenge has been that we signed documents, we allocated resources, but we don’t link them as a government to say why we signed them,” Ms. Balogun questioned.

She further said the government should also seek the views of women when they are taking other decisions on matters of national interest.

Awut Deng Achuil, the National Minister of Gender, Child and Social Welfare reiterated a call to every citizen to help women in their fight to bridge the gender gap.

She said for South Sudan to have a meaningful development, gender mainstreaming is a tool that should be included.

The minister further said in order to make economic growth sustainable, it is important that everybody participates equally and more especially the women.

“We should have a system in the government where women are able to truck on gender equality,” Madam Awut suggested.



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