Women commit to prayer as lasting peace looms

By Elia Joseph Loful

Women from South Sudan Council of Churches remained committed to prayer saying it was the only intervention and contribution they can make in bringing about lasting peace in the country.

“All these times we have hoped that one time, one day, peace will come to South Sudan,” said Agnes Wasuk, the National Coordinator for Women Prayer Programe.

“This peace cannot come, but through prayers only, and the most important thing is that we say let God intervene in our situation,” Wasuk said.

Wasuk said God was always concerned whenever his people pray.

“We believe that leaders are created by God, nobody created him or herself, and as we pray as mothers, wives, and sisters. God is always listening to women’s prayers,” Wasuk said.

She said the church was calling on the general public to remain calm adding that they should pray and be hopeful.

“Now we want to encourage and console our people not to listen to rumors, let them not be afraid or run to Uganda, because many people are suffering in refugee camps,” she explained.

The monthly prayer under the theme: “Be joyful in hope, patients in afflictions and faithful in prayer” was attended by women from different churches in the country.

Rev. Canon Emmanuel Nathania Coordinator for SSCC Economic relations said all human beings believe in one supernatural God who responds to prayers.

“All people believe in prayer, including our leaders that is why many times they ask the church to pray for them. Even the leaders in their private time they cry to God saying what can we do? Help us,” Nathania said.

He calls upon the leaders to consider the interest of the nation as a priority.

“If you put your interest as an individual above the interest of the nation I don’t think you will succeed. I asked our leaders that let us put the interest of our people first then ours last,” he emphasized.

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