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Women celebrate International Day

Anna Nimiriano Editor in Chief Juba Monitor

Yesterday, women around the world celebrated the International Women’sDay; they shared experiences and challenges facing them globally. Some women celebrated it by coming together as one body and others celebrated it online due to COVID-19 Pandemic. In this day, women demanded for their rights in many aspects and freedom of expression.

Women in media rejected intimidation, harassment and any bad forms applied to them in the field. Women in the farm demanded for support from the government to improve their productivity. They need their voices to be heard in the family, community and the country at large. In South Sudan, many women talked in media, said out what had happened to them during the conflicts and what they need to be improved in the country.

Women are peace makers, they advocated for peace and still want government to implement peace document as it was indicated in Revitalized Agreement. During the conflict periods, women supported men in the movement because they knew in any circumstances, they are the vulnerable group. For Juba Monitor, Awut Deng Acuil was our legacy for the week that is why we run several stories about her, because she had gone through many challenges in the process of doing work. She also worked for long time in the ministerial positions, such a woman need to be recognized. We also  have  Jemma Nunu Kuba, Minister of Parliamentary Affairs , she worked for long time in the ministerial positions and she was the governor of Western Equatoria state after the signing of the Comprehensive Peace Agreement (CPA} during those years.  Ann Itto worked in the government asDeputy Secretary General and she was appointed in East Africa Parliament. We have women in Media like Veronica Lucy  worked for long time in the field of media, Susan  Alphonse working for SSBC, Mary Ajith, Chairperson of AMDISS and Director of Catholic Radio Network and many of them had  promoted  many females in the field of journalism.

We need to recognized women in the church, likeAgnes Wasuk, Coordinator of women Desk, South Sudan Council of Churches (SSCC) Female Pastors and all women who are holding highest and lowest positions in government and private Sectors. Not forgotten women at the grassroots in the states, County, Payam and Boma they need to be empowered. When women celebrated the Day, there were many things they talkedabout; one of them is to improve women conditions in any sector. They need change in their lives, understanding with their husbands and so many others.

I would like to request women in this day to forgive any person who did wrong to them as they are peace makers. If we need good things from God, we should forgive any person we hold in our hearts. There is nothing we can do as mothers, wives and daughters than forgiveness. In one way or another, you might have got angry with somebody.

In life we cannot say that we are perfect, in media sometimes we make mistakes, maybe it had made somebody angry and so many others,especially with the situation of economic crisis in the country and Coronavirus Pandemic. Lifehas become difficult to women; several of them are suffering to get daily food and take care of children in the house. Let us thanks God for everything He provides us with in this critical time. However, on this day I pay tributes to women who died due to struggle in media sector, lives and those who died during the wars.

May God bless us all.

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