Women call for unity to achieve 35 percent

By: Martha David

As women are struggling to achieve the 35 percent affirmative action, women from different institutions gathered to share their views on how far they could implement and prepare the women to benefit from the affirmative action.

Irene Ayaa consultant at Journalists for Human Rights [JHR] said unity is the way that can make women to go ahead in leadership.

She was speaking during the welcoming remarks on the roundtable discussions on the 35% representation of women yesterday.

 “We women should be united so that our voices can be heard,” Aya said.

She urged that Women need their voices to be increased and heard and that can only happen through the Media.

Aya said all the sectors need to be involved in the affirmative action. 

“Women need to be engaged whether in the city or at the grassroots to know about the 35persent and increase their voices through participation and representation,” she added.

M.s Aya said women go through lots of challenges that force them to give up especially in terms of employment.   

She advised women to encourage each other and support themselves to achieve their goals together.

Veronica Lucy Gordon, chairperson Association for Media Women in South Sudan emphasized on the unity of women for their voices to be heard.

She said women have limited knowledge on the peace agreement adding there is need for evolving and promoting women through Media to encourage them to come out and speakup.

Sarah Kimbo, Gender Activist said women in at the grassroots are also participating in other ways because they are taking the responsibilities of the house.

They are the ones cultivating and looking for school fees, and that calls for affirmative action, the men are there but only by name,” she added.

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