Women call for training in Yei

By Hassan Arun Cosmas

The group of women in Yei-River County of Central EquatoriaState are calling on the government and non-governmental organizations to train them in order to have knowledge and skills.

Charity Dudu, told Juba Monitor that she expects non-governmental organizations to assess the situation of women and address their issues.

“We call on the training of women on business administration in order to manage their entrepreneurship because most of them who do business do not know how to calculate their profits or losses that make them not to progress. Also, let the government implement the revitalized peace agreement by availing funds to support women as stipulated in the peace deal,”

She added that one woman regrets that most of the women are very vulnerable carrying huge responsibility because they lost their husbands during the crisis.

“We are calling on the NGOs to consider training the women. There are many organizations which are supposed to look into the issues of women. Let them do assessment and see how to support the women. Women who are doing business are not trained on business management, especially how much you used for buying, how much your profit is and how much you eat and save. The government is also supposed to help women as stipulated in the revitalized peace accord. So, this is time for us to call for support from the government and NGOs because most of us are very vulnerable as others have lost their husbands during the war and are taking huge responsibility, “points out charity.

At the same time, Rejoice Gaba calls on her fellow women to stand up on their own and raise their voices in order to be heard and considered.

She requests the women to organize and form associations in order to get quick support from the government and its partners.

Gabaappeals to the men and government to listen to the voices of the women and consider them to equally participate in all levels of the government.

“Let us stand up as women and see what happens. Let us form our own women’s associations in order to have the power to raise our voices to the government. Women are capable of doing any work at any level of the government. Let us keep ourselves busy every time engaging in work in order to cater for our family responsibilities, “advise Rejoice.

Meanwhile, Rose Omjima praises the women of Yei for being hard-working but regrets that they lack support to boost their efforts.

She reveals that the outbreak of the crisis in the area made them become more vulnerable because they could not engage in their usual and normal business activities because of insecurity.

Omjima advises her fellow women not to give up but continue struggling with the little they have and move forward.

Rose says women are capable of doing what men can do if given opportunity and warns men from oppressing them.

“Women of Yei are hardworking but only that we are not supported. Before the crisis, women could go to the rural areas to buy commodities with fair prices but since the onset of the crisis in 2016, they have no opportunity to go out and buy goods but instead concentrate in the markets within where goods are expensive when one buys but do not get enough profit,” she regrets.

The women advised their colleagues to avoid sending their small girls for early marriage to reduce some of the challenges facing them.

They also called on women to avoid over-dependency on their husbands but cooperate with them to support in terms of developing their families.

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