Women call for support to widows in Yei

By Hassan Arun Cosmas

The Acting Chairperson of Yei River County Women Association is calling on the county, state and national government to think of support to vulnerable widows.

Mama Hawa Adams says some of the widows lost their husbands during the Anyanya and SPLA wars in the liberation of the country.

She adds that currently there are women whose husbands are soldiers and are deployed far and their children are lacking education and other basic services.

Hawa mentions that she carried out research that shows that most of the widows are struggling to afford a meal.

The women leader regrets that the situation her fellow women particularly the widows are going through is very difficult, painful and miserable.

“I have carried out research and it indicates that most women struggle to afford getting a meal more especially widows. You find that for the widow to get at least a meal in a day, it takes time before affording the little that is not taken to satisfy but for survival. Widows are not able to send their children to school because they can’t afford paying the fees. The situation they are going through is very difficult and miserable,” regrets the women leader.

The leader appeals to the state and national government to listen to the cry of the women, especially the widows.

She calls on the government to introduce universal primary education that will help vulnerable women who can not afford paying for their children’s basic needs.

Adam believes that the reduction in the number of candidates sitting for the final examinations in Yei this Year is because children of the widows are neglected due to lack of financial support.

“Am urging the government of the Republic of South Sudan and central equatorial, in particular, to listen to the cry of the women to at least pay school fees for children of the widows. This Year only nine hundred sixty six sat for the primary leaving examinations because some of the children of the widows who are unable to pay for their children’s fees and if I can remember, during the signing of the comprehensive peace agreement, Dr. John Garang De Mabior promised to introduce the universal primary education to help the vulnerable up to now, the UPE is not implemented. So, what is the government thinking about the children of the widows yet some of their parents were killed during the war and others are deployed for government duties,” asks the women activist.

The women activist calls on the government and none governmental organizations to empower women by building their capacities.

She urges women to be trained on agriculture and business in order to continue providing for the needs of their families specifically food, health and education.

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