Women associations call for 35% women quota

By Okan Thomas Onyango

 Women associations in Jonglei State have called on the government for their commitment to fully implement the 35% women quota in the states’ government.

The chairperson of Jonglei State Women Association, Cde. Awuor Piel Biar said that six women ministers should be appointed in each of the states’ government since no woman was selected in the recent appointment of deputy governors and only one governor.

“I congratulate the President on behalf of women for bringing peace in the country. But we are left with disbelieve that the same SPLM which initiated 25% of women inclusion in leadership positions has taken away our legal rights by appointing almost all male governors and deputy governors for six states. We are reminding SPLM of the decision made on the 14th December 2015 where the SPLM resolved to lift 25% to 35% for woman participation in the top leadership positions,” Cde. Awuor said. 

Meanwhile Elizabeth Joseph, the Chairperson of Women group at Bor PoC said that she strongly believes that without women’s contribution during the SPLM liberation struggle, the Comprehensive Peace Agreement (CPA) could not have been reached and the independence of the country too.

“We have suffered in silence for a longtime alongside our partners (men). However, we thought that SPLM would appreciate the role of women by fully and practically implementing the 35% affirmative action (Art. 1.4.4 and Art. 1.4.6 national diversity and gender representation) in the RTGoNU for peace and sustainable development in the country. Women are peace makers and without women there is no peace,” Elizabeth said.

Last year, President Salva Kiir appointed six deputy governors for some of the states. There are currently 9 appointed state governors, and 3 Chief administrators, with no state cabinets and other local government officials.

This excludes Upper Nile state which is yet to get a governor. The parties are also yet to appoint state ministers, legislators, advisors, commissioners and administrators. There shall therefore be a total of 170 ministers in the ten states, 50 advisors, 60 chairpersons of commissions and 510 members of parliament, commissioners, administrators and other local level officials.

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