Women are the world


Singer J Rock aka Mawien Ariik

By Mandela Nelson Denis

In a country believed to have been failed by the men singer J Rock in his latest album” “Diar-kek-a-pinynhom”, which means” women are the world,” believes that if more opportunties are given to women the current conflict in the country will reduce.

The song speaks of women empowernment urging that fourty percent of female representation should be considered in the government.

J Rock told Juba Monitor that no mother will accept her child to die at battle fields or die of hunger. He explained that if women are given power to bring peace in the country they would do so without any problem.

“Without the power of a woman there can never be a leader. women shape the world and for our country we should motivate women by giving them full representation,”J Rock said.

According to J Rock the mindset that women are only supposed to be in the kitchen should be removed. He urged ladies to fight for their rights and advised them to stop feeling pity.

“The advise I give the women is they should take on the work men do. What a man can do a woman can do better. This can only happen if women come out of the box and demand for their rights,” lamneted J Rock.

The singer explained that his motivation to speak to women through his song is to empower South Sudanese women to know their abilities and realise their potentials.

Asked the message in the “Diar-kek-a-pinynhom”album, J Rock revealed that it aim aims at sentisizing the government to give more powers to women.

“Government should give women the freedom to lead and this will help speed up the return of lasting peace to South Sudan,”J Rock said.

“Diar-kek-a-pinynhom”, album has teweleve recorded songs such as; thank you mama, no body and excuse audio all appreciating the effort of women to nation building once given the opportunity.

Mawien Ariik aka J Rock started music in 2011 with his first track Nyin-Nhir, a song that brought the singer to the entertainment lime light.

J Rock dropped other albums such as “turn to God” in 2012 and” Nhiallic-adai” in 2017.

Focusing on afro-fussion, J Rock hopes to climb the international music ladders.





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