It is refreshing to note that police department has taken the right cause to stand up for the rights of women and girls’ against Gender Based Violence [GBV]. This should have come long time ago because these venerable human beings have met with all shorts cruel handling by their opposite fellow mates. The police service in partnership with UN Population Fund (UNPF) last week promised to conduct a social mobilization campaign to support the fight for the rights of women in the country. As the country moves towards permanent peace, there is immediate need to address the issues of Gender Based Violence still being reported and experienced in some parts of the country. This move should not just come because the two institutions sat down in a conference or workshop to announce their intention. It should be real because one of the most reported cases against humanity is the GBV. Such reports that are being associated with the country goes beyond to tarnish the image of the nation and create fear in the minds of the would be investors. The society should be tamed to be human friendly in all aspects. The rule of law must be obeyed and those still involved in the human abuse particularly, directed against women and girls should be dealt with without any mercy. The security of women and girls cannot be compromised because for success to be achieved, they have to be stable to support their menfolk in development arenas. It cannot be taken for granted that being the weaker sex they cannot be involved in chatting possible positive move for the country. It is therefore the duty of the country to protect them for the good of all. Police and key players in this direction should ensure that GBV is a thing of the past and those found still getting involved be punished according to the laws of the country.

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