Women Aid Vision organized an inter-communal peace traditional performance in Lakes State.

By Mabor Riak

Women’s Aaid Vision (WAV) with support from United United Nations Development Program (UNDP) organized an inter-communal peace and traditional dances between the bordering communities of Mvoio county of Western Equatoria,and Mapuordit community of Yirol West county of Lakes States.

The inter-communal peace traditional performance events took place on Wednesday in Wako . In an interview with Juba Monitor, the Aluakluak Payam Administrator,  Daniel lchok Dhieu said that the relationship between Mvolo county and Yirol West county is very good and people are enjoying peace activities conducted by Women Aid Vission and other organizations in Lakes State.

“Before this peace was restored between Mvolo and Yirol West counties, the Governor of Lakes State Gen. Rin Tueny Mabor brought peace by himself to the people in Lakes State by convincing each and everyone to cease inter-communal violence, cattle raidings, revenge killings, stealing of properties from Mvolo and Yirol West counties, raping of women and girls,” said Daniel lchok Dhieu’’

Daniel lchok Dhieu said that the people are able to move from Mvolo to Mapuor and Anuol payams along the borders freely on foot looking for medications, others are moving freely looking for business, fishing alongside the river without fear of insecurity.

“People are in harmony. Issues of stealing properties, goats, cows and killings are completely banned and everyone is free to keep cattle,goats and personal belongings and there is freedom of movement and to life without insecurity”.said Daniel lchok Dhieu.

He urges the community of Yirol West and Mvolo counties of Lakes and Western Equatoria States to maintain peace and harmony among themselves saying if there is peaceful coexistence there is prosperity and development.

“When there is peaceful coexistence then there is a time for people to cultivate, rear animals and time to enjoy cultural activities like this peace traditional performance conducted in Wako”.said , Daniel lchok Dhieu.

Jacob Malieny, a Payam Administrator in Bahr Girindi of Mvolo county said that the cultural events on an inter-communal peace traditional performance is meant to  bring the bordering communities together between Mvolo and Yirol West counties of Western Equatoria and Lakes State.

Jacob Malieny said that there is peaceful coexistence achieved since stealing of properties, cattle and goats by armed criminals has stopped between Mvolo and Yirol West.

“During the traditional performance or dance in Wuowuo , there were some resolutions put forward on how to deal with criminals or whoever commits crimes.  The recommendations include,apprehending suspects and sendingthem to court for trials and sentencingthem to jail, return of  looted properties,  cattle to the rightful owners. Another recommendation is that people will hold market day between Mvolo and Mapuor. There shall be a market day where people can move with their goods and services for sale in Mapuordit in Lakes State and there shall be a day where people will move from Mapuordit to Mvolo county to sale their goods and services”.said, Jacob Malieny.

Akecam Mamer, a WAV governance officer in Lakes State said that the inter-communal peace traditional performance between the local communities of Mvolo county of Western Equatoria State, and Gar, Mapuordit and Anuol payams of Yirol West county was organized by Women Aid Vision supported by United Nations Development Program UNDP.

” We are all grateful to see our communities embrace such an initiative for peace wholeheartedly. We pray that  peace  will continue to exist between the two communities of Mvolo and Yirol West counties”.said ,Akecam.

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