Woman sponsors 40 chilldren for “Jere Jere” concert

By Mandela Nelson Denis

A South Sudanese woman, Ihiju Tutu Rainbased in the USA has sponsored forty children to attend the ‘Jere Jere’concert set to take place at the end of this Month in Juba.

In a facebook chat with Juba Monitor, Ihiju said  music has power to unite and create love, that is why she wants the forty children to experiencethe feeling through music.

“Growing up in Juba as achild,I always watched the traditinal and cultural celebrations that helped me cope with my own life struggles and expereiences of not having anything but through the music I heard,I was alaways motivated,” she said. “Sponsoring the 40 children is me giving back to my people.”

The Jere Jere concert will be headlined by Dynamiq, an award winning South Sudanese artist based in the United States. Artists like Silver X, WJ, Rocky J, DJ Cent, Tutu Baibe, Star Eagles, Nesty Beibe, MC Lomeux, and others perform. The concert is aimed at promoting peace.

Sam Bosco the Manager of Rock Stars Promotions said they will randomlychoose childen either from their homes or from orphanageswithin Juba to attend the Family Day Show that shall take place on 30th of Sepetmber at Juba Basketball Court.

“Several times the children ar left out of events simply because they cannot afford,” she said. “I would like to thank Tutu for her kind heart of sponsoring 40 children to attend the concert so that they can interact freely with fellow children.”

Sam revealed that ten more tickets have also been paid for by Ihiju for people living with disabilities and other disadvantaged groups to attend the concert.

Ihiju’s sponsorship has been highly appreciated by many South Sudanese such as Jose Okuye Oile who said that it is rare to get generous people like her.

While Khatir Suliman said that Tutu is patriotic and appreciated her for always supporting the South Sudanese community.

Dynamq last performed in Juba in 2012.






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