Woman shot during demolition in coma


The woman in the hospital


By Sarah Kiko


Mr. Manyang at the site of the demolished home

A woman who was shot last week in Tongpiny area during an incident of alleged land grabbing is in coma after nursing injuries at the Ayii Duang Hospital.

Mr. Manyang Nyariel, Wel, 46 year old who claims to be the owner of the land and house told Juba Monitor that the incident happened in his absence last week.

He said he returned back to Juba on Monday after he had been informed by his second wife about the incident which left his first wife’s life now hanging in the balance.

He narrated that his second wife and her children were badly beaten up by people claiming to be soldiers who allegedly made away with USD 4,500 which was meant for the second wife’s medical treatment in Egypt.

“Those people came and told us to go out, they came with bulldozer and heavily armed. They just started like that,” Manyang’s son Madeng Manyang said. Nobody fought them, one of them ordered his people to beat anyone coming across the bulldozer, they blocked all the roads entering to the house and neighbors could not come to our rescue. This is how they demolished the house,” he narrated.

“I was coming from school when I found they were beating my mother and stepmother was shot on the spot, my brother was beaten on the head with a gun, when I entered, they started beating me too at the back with their heavy stick, I ran out while crying,”  nine year old Makim Manyang narrated.

Monyping Manyang, 20 year old candidate at Juba International Secondary School said he was beaten up badly and all his body parts were in pain when he tried to remove his belonging from his room.

“They stopped me and started beating me until they hit me on the head with a gun,” Monyping narrated.  “When they were beating me, I was in my school uniform.”

Mr. Manyang claimed that he could identify some people behind the incident;.

“I have all the legal documents of the house,” Manyang said. I have been living in this house since 2011 and never had any problem with anyone nor my neighbours. Mr. Manyang claimed that 52 rooms, one toilet and two restaurants were demolished. “All my property were destroyed and lost but this time I want to know who is behind this,” he added.

Mr. Manyang said he had been arrested six times but released without knowing who is behind his arrests over the plot of land.

“All the time, people in what seems like military police uniform are the one dealing with me,” he said.

The police spokesperson, Brigadier Daniel Justine could not confirm the incident. He told Juba Monitor yesterday that he did not get any information of such incident in Thongpiny. He said he would check with his officers and would get back to us.

The boy who was hit by a gun

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