Woman shot dead in Rumbek

By Mabor Riak

A woman has been shot dead on Tuesday by armed youth in Rumbek, Lakes State, the Police authorities confirmed.

Speaking to Juba Monitor, the police officer in Mayom Payam, Rumbek Central County  Maker Chol said the suspects who shot the  woman are identified to be from Pakam armed Youth.

“We were woken up by a sound of gunshots in the morning at 6:00 a.m. So we tried to run for safety and when we came back we found a woman shot on the head and she was lying on the ground dead,” said Chol.

He said that the cause of the attack was still unknown.

“We are investigating to find out exactly what the real cause of the attack was from both communities, Rup and Pakam which resulted into the killing of a woman,” Chol said.

He said, the two communities used to co-exist as one but wonder why the incident has happened.

Situation between Pakam and Rup communities have been so harmonious and peaceful without any revenge killings and cattle raiding in the area.

However, the governor of Lakes State Makur Kulang Liei during his peaceful and voluntary disarmament campaign received over 170 illegal firearms from Rup community of Malek, Mayom and Amongping of Rumbek Central County and more than 60 illegal firearms from Pakam community of Malueth, Meen and Alor of Rumbek North County. 

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