Woman resorts to car washing to earn living

By Martha David

A single mother of two children has resorted to washing vehicles to sustain earn living sustain her family in Juba.

Achola Anna says she has been doing the job of washing cars since 2011 to earn a living and that she uses the penny to send her two kids to school.

Anna who was taught how to wash a car by a man she declined to mention says one of her children is now in senior four adding that despite encountering some challenges, the business helps her take care of her family.

She said she washes about seven vehicles a day and earns 6000 to 7000 South Sudanese Pounds daily.

“This job is good, it has money. I bought a piece of land and my children goes to school, my son is now in senior four,” says Achola.

Anna said she has got another job to diversify sources of her living and she washes cars only on weekends.

She said washing cars is an easy job compared to motor-cycles though they are smaller than cars.

Anna encouraged fellow women to work hard and avoid being dependent on their husbands.

“I want to encourage women who are staying idle without doing something to start working because if both of you are working you will not lack anything at home,” she said.

“You can share and buy something and if you have money today you can buy water, tomorrow your husband can buy if he has the money. Let them work they should not stay idle because tomorrow is not known,”Achola said.

She also emphasized her readiness to train young girls who are willing to do the job freely

Anna explained that she has been harassed by some man in uniform forcing her leave the business but continue with the job without fear.

“A person brought a government car, I washed for four times and he did not pay my money, he told me that I have a lot of money and he wanted to beat me, that  why I left the place, “she explained.

Ngoth Akot a customer who started visiting the place a month ago said Anna is hard working woman and her work is good.

“I usually brings my car whenever it has become dirty and she washes it clean, this is my forth times to come here since I started coming to her place she give good services ,”said  Akot.



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