Woman rescues antelope from hunters

A woman identified as Alice Okuna rescued a calf (baby antelope) whose mother was killed by a hunter in Imotong State.

Okuna said she offered the hunter 4,000 SSP in exchange of the wild animal in order to save it from being killed for meat.

“I was on my way from Torit to Juba and came across a hunter carrying the wild animal, I knew the importance of preserving wild animals for future generation and this made me to pay the hunter 4,000 SSP when he requested,” Okuna said.

She explained that by the time she bought the wild animal ten months ago it was small but now it has grown up. She said she was ready to hand it over to the wild life authority for safety.

A week ago, a man in Gurei also found two small Cheetahs abandoned by their mother. The man is believed to have taken the Cheetah and kept them at his house, waiting to hand them over to the wild life authority.



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