Woman kills her baby for the father being a NAS fighter

By Hassan Arun Cosmas

Police authorities in Yei River County confirmed that a 35-year-old woman murdered her new born baby after delivering from Yei Civil hospital in Central Equatoria State after her husband joint National Salvation Front (NAS).

Police Inspector, Sabino Dominic Tobo told Juba Monitor that the reports Cecilia Sambuwa hit her baby with a stone on the head before she buried it at Sopiri residential area.

He warned women and men to cease from such practices because it is against the human rights

“We have a woman by the names of Cecilia Sambuwa, 35 years old. She delivered on the 12th December and on th13th December she took a stone, hit the baby on the head. She took the baby and buried it in Sopiri residential area. She came to the police and made different statement. She said that her husband is a member of NAS and he came and took her baby,” said the state police Inspector.

The police inspector said the baby was exhumed from the grave, taken for postmodern and the doctors confirmed that the baby’s skull was injured.

“We sent CID to see her place. After the CID reached there, they were told that the woman was the one who killed her child and they knew where she buried her baby. So the CID took the woman to the scene and they found the place where she buried her baby. They exhumed the baby out and took the child for post-mortem and the doctor confirmed that the skull was injured,” said Dominic.

Dominic said after investigations, the woman confessed that she killed her baby.

He added that Sambuwa was under police custody and investigations were still ongoing.

“The woman is here in custody for investigations. After investigations, she testified killing the baby because there is no one helping her as she is not staying with the husband. This was what she said in our first question, but investigations are still ongoing. When asked of other relatives, she said she has no relative and no husband that’s why she killed the baby. We arrested her the day before 14th December”.

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