Woman is human

By Akol Arop Akol

For everyone who disrespects and harms a woman, there is a secret a woman knows about how the World came into existence. In the Garden of Eden, Adam and Eve were in charge of all creations but they didn’t know anything about themselves.

Until they ate from the forbidden tree and their eyes were opened, they then realized that they were naked and took tree-leaves to cover themselves. In that event, it was the woman available who later invited Adam to have a bite of the fruit of the forbidden tree.

After their first and capital sin, they were sent out of the garden and punished; for the serpent to crawl without legs, man to dig the land and sweat in order to get food for a living and woman to face labor pain. These consequential curses become unchangeable today, the serpent is still crawling, man is toiling hard to feed the family and the woman is anguishing from maternity pain. A woman may swear that she will never accept to bear another child but again she would still go on with her husband to make more babies.

instead of each individual facing the curse given, man has become a big problem to woman. We are in social order where women are crying for justice because they are being victimized in conflicts where men sexually harass and rape them. The women who are even married and living in their home have no daily peace. There should be a difference between ancient and the modern women. That mentality of considering women as voiceless in the family or community is continuous in the minds of men. They would marry young girls who are still in school and don’t allow them to complete their studies. If a girl is not given a chance to complete University level and find a job, the female education is therefore meaningless.

If the law would intervene, men who marry school girls must allow their women to continue with their studies in Adult Education. Imagine, marrying a degree holder and refusing her to work, what is the use of the resources used, knowledge gained and the academic documents acquired?

It is sensible that men should look for graduates and allow young girls to complete their studies in order to achieve a bright future, but this message falls on the deaf ears of men. Once one has money or cows, he would grab a teenager to be a wife, and the parents would not refuse. How could they refuse when they are going to have dollars they had never seen in their lives before? How would they refuse when they see 200, 500 and so cows? They receive dowry with open hands and create their cattle camp.

A woman is a human because she has mind, heart, soul, strengths, dreams and rights that should be respected. Before abusing, belittling or hurting a woman, first feel sympathetic and imagine how she feels as a human being. Do not misuse a woman just because you have paid much dowry. Show love and respect for her choices, rights and abilities. They are equal creatures with men.

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