Wokil thrills hearts of cooperate comedy lovers

By Mandela Nelson Denis

South Sudanese standup comedian thrilled the hearts of cooperate comedy lovers over the weekend at Notos in a show named “the untamed Wokil”.

After rehearsing for some days on how to crack ribs Wokil aka Jesh Commando poured all his best English jokes leaving hundreds laughing like no tomorrow.

Akello Grace was one of the fans of Wokil’s comics who revealed to Juba Monitor that she laughed the all night along.

“The untamed Wokil comedy was amazing, I must confess that I laughed from the start of the show till the end, these South Sudanese comedians are so great and thanks to the team behind the show”, said Akello

Tim Clarks was another fan that was amazed by the South Sudanese standup comedians who performed at the untamed Wokil, he said that he knew little about comedy in South Sudan.

“I had no idea about South Sudanese comedians, the comedians that I watched crack jokes are stress relievers and wish they do every weekend at Notos”, said Tim

Tim was not alone he was in the company of ten Humanitarin workers who came to support Wokil

Comedian VIP believed to be the grandfather of comedy in South Sudan was also untouchable with his comics and one of the most interesting comic that left hundreds laughing tears was the dog speaking English

“My people don’t be surprised that dogs in Juba speak English, there was a time I found a dog urinating on my car tyres and when I said it would beat it, the dog was barking how how how”, said VIP

Yanas with her live band performance of two gentlemen also hyped up the evening at Notos.

Yanas performed songs like love, no woman no cry and other songs that kept the fans glued on their chairs to follow every moment of her performance.


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