By Malek Arol Dhieu (Guest)

Odongo Odoyo

Undeniably, half of the Members of Parliament have never visited the people who gave them tickets, I mean their constituencies since they were voted in the parliament in 2010.A part of this problem is anyway attributed to the rampant insecurity as the country broke into war shortly after the elections while another part can be linked to lack of developmental projects to be told to the grassroots. It is generally known that underpayment has contributed enormously to the declination of development in the country since all the civil servants are underpaid. However, the good payment has rightly started with the people who make laws so that they make these laws without disturbance in the back of their minds about receiving a low salary at the end of the month. 800,000 SSP is a good salary that can make the lawmakers change their old scales and grow new ones to drive the government towards a lawful country. A lawful country is that country where injustices such as those occurring now are never found, and when a person tempers and commits one, he/she faces justice whether or not he/she is the only-begotten child of the President or Chief Justice. This happens in a country where Members of Parliament never sleep making this and that law and enforcing them on the perpetrators until they see a changed change. Because the country is going for elections in a year or so, members of parliament should at least pay visits to their respective constituencies to acquaint themselves with how developed or underdeveloped their constituencies have been so that when they win the elections once again, they would quicken their steps in bringing more development. Finally, the members of parliament should also fight hard to increase the salaries of the civil servants so that when they laugh, the civil servants laugh too.

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