Editorial 28th May 2018

Unrelated topics with positive and negative impacts came out at the beginning of this week. Positive, African Development Bank (ADB) intends to support different projects of value to the development of the nation for the well-being of the people. Negative, IGAD’s proposal on the Addis peace talks turned out to be stillbirth and dead on arrival according to one of the country’s political analyst. These two issues are unrelated but have effects whichever way to the country. Because the intended projects could only be of any meaning if there was peace in the country. These projects could only become useful to the general public if they were able to go about their daily chores in a secure and conducive atmosphere which is currently not available. The elusiveness of peace restoration has caused untold suffering in the socio-economy set up. It has left the majority in the country struggling to put one meal a day on the table. That the peace restoration process by IGAD has been described that much, there is need and urgent for that matter to ensure that the National Dialogue process was rejuvenated and supported to the hilt for its success. It has been far too long waiting for a process which is marred by demand and counter-demand when things are almost looking rosy and hopes are high for its success. Hue and cry from all parts of the world by those in the diaspora, displaced or not and those in the country for peace. Enough they say is enough. There cannot be two ways of solving this issue. It isd only one. People must sit around the table and agree on the way forward for the entire population. There must be a time to forget about oneself syndrome and work as a people for people in one nation, one country. ADB and other friendly institutions definitely will have more to offer for development if and when peace is restored.

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