With only 8 months Ak Swagga is rocking Juba

By: Mandela Nelson Denis

Afro Dancehall Singer Jimmy Zumbutu aka Ak Swagga is only eight months old in Juba city but is already causing trouble musically.

The dancehall star who was busy with school told Juba Monitor that it was high time for the country’s music to explode and he is ready to do all it takes.

Blessed as song writer and composer Ak Swagga’s go down low single is the hit in Juba city rocking the airwaves.

Go down low is a club banger and with the hard core voice that Ak Swagga pulled in the song, many are wondering where the young talent has been hiding.

“When I released the go down low club banger within a week it caught the airwaves like wild fire and let many people still wondering whether the song was done by a local or not”, said Ak Swagga.

Go down low song talks about the youthful life styles of boys and girls meeting in the company and rocking it like ever boy.

Verse two of the song tells a lady not to shy but go down low and rock the dance floor like a star.

“As young people, we need to have fun while we are still alive because we live life once and if we don’t enjoy now, we might not enjoy again “AK Swagga said.

As a song writer, AK Swagga revealed that he packaged his song according the taste of music lovers in the country.

Majority of South Sudanese love dancehall music than any other genre.

While still rocking the airwaves of Juba Ak Swagga said that he was so hopeful that 2020 is going to be a blessing to the country’s music industry.

Ak Swagga is also known for song like “Fi-dom, dom” a song urging couples to be strong in love.

Ak Swagga who started music in 2015, has seven recorded songs under his names and he revealed that he was in studios cooking more lyrical content for his fans.

For one who is a song writer and composer the music industry is bright for him or her.

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