Odongo Odoyo

Topical Commentary

With Odongo Odoyo

In most cases wise men and wisdom walk and talk together in most cases for the better of the present and the future. Yesterday morning seems to have been special for me when Paramount Chief Simon Soro Kenyi directed and walked into our offices with an article that he wanted published to send a message to the country’s leadership and the citizens all together. I was honoured because at the chief’s age very few people could walk the morning as he did. I was more honoured because his words of wisdom sent my mind wondering into the wilderness. They were all full of godly and fatherly messages. I almost forgot how old I was but something told me that I was old enough to be Yaba Soro’s third if not second follower in life, then my mind went tickling back on a discussions I had with some friends who are close to the weathermen that starting this month there is going to be heavy rains, downpour for that matter which will last three months. Actually up to the month of September. The revelation that this one is going to be worse than any other downpour which has never been seen in the country and region’s history. These gentlemen confided that they have involved the regional players and the governments in preparedness for the impending marathon or massive flood whose end results would be obviously, hunger, displacement of the innocent and destruction of property among others.  My thoughts still of the flood which the weathermen almost equated to that of Noah in the Bible. Wondered how much the preparedness the government had put in place to counter the expected ravaging flood and how safe those living in some delicate and danger-zone areas had been prepared for safety. My colleague whispered to me that something there was very little that had been done within and in the region, because of the breakout of coronavirus pandemic in the world. All efforts were now directed to the fight against the spread of the virus and other issues kept pending or put on hold, the expected flood from the long rains included. I could not comprehend to this kind of reasoning because it has been witnessed before what destruction heavy rains can cause if not properly managed or handled. Let reasons be advanced that the government has all departments and sections, which could handle different cases, normal, or impending disasters. Medics should be left to handle the virus while other responsible departments should be ready to handle their dockets appropriately. This is why Ministries of Humanitarian Affairs, Dams and Water and Agriculture should not lax in their quest to ensure the rain did not catch the country by surprise and displace or cause damage to the general public at their watch. They should work hand in hand with other agencies and the weathermen within and in the region to safeguard the future disaster occurrences. The preparedness should not be taken lightly. 

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