Winners of debating competition awarded

By: Tombura James

The inter-secondary school debate competition that kicked off on the 21st of October among eight schools in Jubek State has ended with awards.

The event took place in ECSS Guest house in Juba on Friday with the motion: “Establishment of Hybrid court is the only way to ensure justice for victims of human right abuses in South Sudan.”

Standard Secondary School, a new school with only nine months in Gudele West managed to reach the final against St. Thomas secondary school.

The Chief Judge faced challenges in his duty due to stiff competition by being referred to quotations in various legal sources; he declared St. Thomas Secondary School the winner with an award of a trophy, against Standard Secondary School.

 “This time students seem to have made serious research in various sources to back up their points as evidences hence it needed someone to be very careful to do the right judgment, otherwise, it is somehow challenging but very glad I have managed to play my role,” said the judge. While announcing the result, the chief Judge declared Nyalok, a speaker from St. Thomas as the General best speaker of the competition. The competition was organized by Advanced- South Sudan in partnership with United Nations Development Program (UNDP).

Speaking to Juba Monitor after the debate, Mr. Nowel Tega Joseph, the Human Resource and Project Manager for Advanced- South Sudan said the debate went on successfully with a lot of learnings from the participants from day one of the competition.

“The debate had been amazing with a lot of learnings and in the second phase, the final started with a lot of improvements with a lot of citations, a lot of readings of legal books for the Revitalized Peace Agreement documents, National constitution and legal media publications like newspapers.”

Mr. Joseph said Advance- South Sudan is also having other programs like radio talk shows for the students in order to help their voices reach to the public. This helps other students and well-wishers to have chances to share their ideas through calls. He added that the organization is also extending its programs to the Universities.

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