The traffic police department has issued a five days countdown for all tinted cars to remove them or be off the road. It is good if the directive can be effected to the good of the country but not for some few individuals. It is not going to be the first and may not be the last. The order has been used before by some traffic police and other security organs to extort or obtain money from motorists through unlawful means. The other challenges would be who the actual owners of these tinted cars are. They are not small boys who could just be pushed anyhow by some simple junior traffic police officers. They cannot be expected to bow low to those on duty without invoking the name of someone senior who could be related to them. Some tinted cars have been associated with a number of crime-wave in the country. These crimes revolved around drug dealing, smuggling, human trafficking and prostitution among others. If indeed such activities are carried by some of these tinted cars then the law must be applied and applied to safeguard the well-being of the innocent members of the public who might be exposed to such crimes without their intentions. What happened after the five days countdown? Will these cars be really off the road as the traffic department wants the country to believe? It is reported that most of them are evening and night operatives where and when checks and balance are not regularly in place. The police could be very lucky if they will carry out and implement this order as they would wish to do if the wish is real. It may take some time and the process would die a natural death while the activities of the tinted car operatives continue un-abetted. This time around let the police live up to their order and expectation if they were to be trusted.

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