Will there be Peace in Pibor and Jonglei?

Before the dust settled, on the arrival back in Juba from Pibor and Jonglei States, the First Vice President Taban Deng Gai, must have been shocked to hear that just before takeoff to the capital, there was yet another cattle raid leading to unknown injuries and death. Duk payam woke up to another surprise on Saturday when their cattle were taken not under normal circumstances, but with guns and bullets. The FVP had led a high powered delegation to Jonglei and Pibor with the aim of settling once for all the shimmering war-mongering activities which had put the area in high alert of insecurity. There have been death and maiming of innocent members of the public, among them children and women and the old. I was in this world thinking how we could associate and assist the Taban committee with ideas when SaTP my friend came into the picture. To him his worry was on a different form and dimension all together, he was telling me that today is a national Public Holiday. And wondered why we were being asked to work on such a day. He told me that he had all the excuses not to come to work and like it or not you will take me nowhere. I was getting irritated and wanted to smash this boy’s face with whatever was available to me. I was thinking of peace being restored in Pibor and Jonglei. I was thinking on how this peace can be felt across the whole country and how we can concentrate on fighting war against hunger, tribalism, nepotism, ethnicity and a whole lot of disorder when this man called SaTP was engaged in less important issues like not coming to work. What was important here was how to save the current situation which was affecting most parts of the country. I was worked up with SaTP’s insistence of not coming to work that l almost boxed him live. He looked at me and echoed, even if you get annoyed there is nothing you can do because all efforts towards bringing mutual understandings among the communities were not getting very far towards permanent solutions. Therefore, even our misunderstanding will not go far towards any solution. I looked at him with my little understanding but did not tell him or reveal my understanding of his arguments.

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