Will the referendum be of any help?

By: Agar Mayor Gai

Prior to the formation of the twenty eight states in the year 2015, the local population was already happy and waiting for the proposed number of states to be made known to all. Everybody and their communities had the plans for their then to be created state.  Though, it is also realized that not a single objection from the people resulted from the formation in fact, some people wanted the number of states increased.  Why now the referendum? A referendum happens only if the people are not happy with a certain idea and system which is not the case for the number of states.

For the reasons best known to them, the local communities welcomed the idea of increasing the number of states and as we speak, they have not a single complaint and each community will not accept their state dissolved by any conditions. As the parties to the agreement have not agreed on what to do with the number of states, they must also put into consideration the interest of the local communities of the country. And since the year 2015, the interests of the local people have been expressed and known to the same parties to the agreement. They must, in that way, not waste their resources in conducting a referendum.

Why shouldn’t they? Both the opposition and government see the number of states on a different angle; the angles of their self-centered interests, the lay people aslo have to choose what is good for them.  And for their common good, they feel that having more states makes the delivery of services to all of them easier and fairer.

However, the fact that the government and opposition seem not to care about the interests of the local people, have knocked the door of referendum.  May be because they have power, they know what to do when that day comes although, most of the communities will vote for more number of states. Should that have been the decision of the parties, however?  What are they there for, for their interest or for the national interest? Someone working for the national interest would not think that way otherwise.

It should therefore be the time for the local communities to have their voices heard. They should make sure that the government and the opposition do that which benefits the whole nation. How do they do this? Unity is the key. Let us not stand with president because he is from my side, with Riak because he is our uncle. This concept has taken to their knees the local communities.  Local communities have not a single power because of tribalism and nepotism. If there exists unity among all the communities of this country, the leaders have not a chance to integrate their self-interest in to the society.

Let the unity among the communities be the first and then the negative influence of the political leaders will find its own way. With the unity among the local people, will the referendum be of help to these leaders? They will have not a power to cover dark the interests of the local communities of this country.

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