Reports that the hierarchy of Police sent out a warning against nepotism and corruption is a clear signal that something has been cooking and covered under the table far too long. Deputy Inspector General of Police, Lt. Gen James Pui Yak sounded the warning alarm when he told his officers at the department of Directorate of Nationality and Passport that the National Police Service will not tolerate any of the above and will deal with those bent or found bending the rule appropriately. His message was clear and conforms to concerns being expressed by the public on the vices and the need to have a lean and effective Police Force with maximum discipline. But one thing is also clear that there are some who have mark-timed in one rank without promotion for a long time and there are those who could not be promoted because they don’t have anyone they know above the rank. In an open discussion which indicates willingness by the top police organ to listen to their juniors, The Deputy IGP promised to see that those ripe for promotion would be moved up the ladder on merit and not through nepotism. He pointed out that there was immediate need for the force to fight the vices of corruption and see that it was brought to an end. However, some officer(s) present echoed their concern on how they would be expected to fight corruption while they were unable to provide for their families due to delay in paying them their salaries. This is a point we are sure the top policemen noted and will address to enable the officers to be paid on time and be able to provide for their dependents. It is only through such that the officers will stop harassing the public for something small and resort to sanity in the police force.

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