Will peace come quickly?

By Omuno Mogga Otto

The third round of talks on the High Level Revitalization Forum (HLRF) on the Agreement for the Resolution of the Conflict in South Sudan (ARCSS) has started four days ago. The dateline for the warring parties to reach a peace deal is expected to finish yesterday, the 21th of this Month. In a talk show presented by Radio Miraya last Saturday, Dr. James Okuk said a serious mediator is needed to push and pressurize the warring parties to end the conflict by all means.

The case of South Sudan political crisis has become like another kind of project which favors the interest of some of mediators. The member states of the Inter-Governmental Authority on Development (IGAD) which include Rwanda, Kenya, Uganda and Sudan are key mediators on the process of the peace negotiation currently taking place in Ethiopia. But the effort and credibility of some of the member states of IGAD to support peace with a stable and strong government is politically unclear and complicated. Sincerely Uganda and Sudan are key allies of the government in Juba and each of them should have used the nature of the good ties to support peace so that the economic and humanitarian disaster in the country will end.  Uganda and Sudan are the right ones to convince and tell the government to stop the war and build the country that will reflect a reasonable atmosphere of political stability. But unfortunately they are not doing what they are supposed to do to prove that their diplomatic effort to give pressure to both the opposition and the government to sign peace for the people of South Sudan is not happening.

The importance of a good friend is to advice and support with good things especially when seeing her neighbour falling deeply in a hole of political chaos. More than a month ago, a crew of peace and security personnel from the African Union promised to support and bring peace in the country before the end of the year. Will that aim of AU succeed without serious diplomatic pressure? Peace and freedom is a fundamental right of every South Sudanese and the rest of the people living in this world. The people of South Sudan have the right to live in peace and harmony. The pain and trauma of war will not be washed away if peace does not replace the current political situation which is basically described by the ethnic division, corruption, nepotism and many more.

South Sudan is not moving very well in a right political direction. The current political atmosphere created by war has interfered with the natural gift of freedom and peace given by God to our people. Many South Sudanese will not forget what they have gone through even if the country becomes stable. When the Sudan People’s Liberation Movement and Army (SPLM/A) raised up arms against the Islamic regime in Sudan, the basic purpose of the fight was to free our people from injustice and political marginalization. But the freedom and peace which our people got after a military and political support of the movement is no longer the subject of reality. The freedom is ruined. The mass in the country are praying and asking God to bring peace. But there are very few elements who are also praying to their different God to keep the war so that the limited and short term political interest on war will go on in their favour. Majority of South Sudanese are painfully shedding tears because the war has destroyed all the previous hope they wished to have and live with when the country got independence from Sudan in 2011.

The effort of the warring parties to sign peace so as to boost a political stability in the country is hanging far from reality from where it is supposed to be. Some of the elements could talk nicely in the media about the commitment of mediators’ to support in bringing peace to our people. But in true political description its meaning would reflect something different. What many of our people have been getting about the peace talk and the need of establishing a democratic system of governance does not correspond with the actual truth of what is going on the path to peace.

I don’t believe it is fair to question the credibility of peace mediators without putting the credibility of the warring parties too. Within the warring parties there are elements who are not interested with anything called peace and stability.

The people of South Sudan shall not continue in this kind of political crisis where everything is messy and bad. No matter what obstacle is put to oppose peace, no matter what hindrance on the road to peace is being secretly planed by the enemies of peace, in one way or the other, one day the people of South Sudan will move out of what is blocking their freedom.

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