Will MPs listen to the grievances or remain sycophants?

By Francis Aguek Madut

In a democratic system, there is a good system of governance put in place so much so that the powers are divided equally. The government has three pillars for example: the legislature, executive and judiciary. Each pillar has a role or duty to play so that there is check and balance within the organs of the government. At the same time also, their responsibilities are equal to what they do for the benefit of the government and benefit of the citizens.

The three pillars work together to achieve the same motive or intention to discourage great pain, trouble and great suffering of the citizens. The work of legislature is to make laws since the legislatures are elected by the people and so, there is need for them to advocate and speak on behalf of people who elected them to the parliament to represent them there. The second one is the executive which always administer and implement the law without fear or favor. The last pillar deals with the interpretation of the law and at the same time act as the custodians oflaws in any country.

The spirit of having check and balance in the system will give a way to the rule of law, accountability and transparency and avoid the issue where only one pillar in the nation claims the supremacy. There is no pillar that is made to be greater than the other two pillars. The issue of undermining the MPs in the country yet MPs are the policy makers is unthinkable and unbecoming behavior.For that matter, our problemwill never be addressed simply because our leaders run way from the rule of law and good governance system where there is check and balance in the country.

To me, the incumbent MPS who took their oathson the second Monday of the year 2021 will remain sycophants to the system because they have no powers in the first place to speak on behalf of the citizens hence powers are with executives. What lessons can we really learn from there if powers are controlled by one organ and others are neglected? There is no way we will go away from this system if we shy away from democracy. The way forward is that, if we want to achieve peace, then we must consider the work of the three pillars of the government. The legislatures should understand the role each of these pillars play in determining success of the country.

When it comes to the success of the government in dealing with national issues, there is need of separation of powers to examine the attitudes of the general public towards the government. During the swearing ceremony, many MPS spoke in support of standing with citizens of the Republic of South Sudan however; the executives will not allow the new MPS to listen to the grievances of the public. Most importantly, for our country to have total peace and stability, the government must consider the following which include: good system of governance where there is check and balance. Two, the government may introduce good democracy system of the government in order to pave the way for establishment of rule of law-based governance system characterized by constitutionalism and constitutional termlimit.

In the current situation, the great question is whether the incumbent MPS whether to listen to the voices of peasants and middle-class citizens or they will remain as sycophants? To some extent the new MPS will not advocatefor  the rights of citizens since  poverty is too high so much so that you need to dance to the tune of the wealthy people in order to get something for your family members in the house. The system we are in now dictates us and want to be puppets by always using some flattering words so as to praise and appease the masters who control the system. Some of them may try to speak on behalf of the citizens but still nobody will hear what they are saying is useful to the public. I would like to encourage the new MPS to continue advocating for the rights of the citizens and in achieving these, a common root of these multiple crises of the citizens can be traced by the new MPS to neoliberalism or a doctrine that has focused all of our attention and energies on maximizing profit and financial value. This exclusive focus on profit and shareholder value maximization has led to the exploitation of our resources and the concentration of wealth and power within the hands of a few.

More specifically, this concentration of wealth and power has had two critical consequences: first, it has endangered democracy by giving the wealth few enormous influence over who is elected to positions of power and what they decide. Second, it has also further endangered democracy by fomenting resentment from those who are left out and by ushering to power populist leaders who are making crises as scapegoats.

This tensions between neoliberalism and democracy cannot be ignored anymore. We need to go back to normal or relying on existing institutions in order to build our country together and also to reform our economic social system in-depth. One thing is certain: if the new MPS stay the course and fail to change, we will continue to further suffer and further cement inequality.

This is why I beg to conclude that my hope and prayer is that the three pillars should encourage the team work to implement a set of policies that will put us back at the core of our political, social and economic aspects system. What we need from three pillars is to create a more democratic, more just and a situation where the citizens are heard. The government should give the legislatures powers to perform their duties without fear or favor. The three organs that make the government to function are supposed to have their own powers. The legislature and judiciary should be independent hence the executive should not interfere with their work. The issue of monopolizing the powers will definitely lead to lack of rule of law in the country.

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