Will dialogue steering committee cover all views?

Although there is an ongoing preparation for official launching of the national dialogue, still much political effort is needed to prove that the dialogue will contribute in ending the political crisis facing the nation. Few days ago, I came across a statement broadcasted over Voice of America (VOA) said by one of the opposition in diaspora expressing his doubt about the venue for official launching of the dialogue.

He said the dialogue in Juba will not allow them to speak up their mind freely due to political mismanagement. The opposition in diaspora believes the political environment in Juba is not very good for holding a vital event such as the dialogue itself.

One time one of the top figures in the system has said the dialogue will go on even if the South Sudanese living in the camps do not participate. If there would be any need to vote in case of disagreement in some issues then the vote of people in the refugee camps outside South Sudan is vital and must be included.

I am sure their vote will make a difference to success in solving our political crisis.There are many South Sudanese who wereforced either to leave their houses or face torture if they continue to stay. Many of them ran out of the homes and villages with a lot of pains and bad memories of war left inside their hearts. Their pain will not decrease if the statement of excluding them out is implemented.Their voices are very important. Their votes are very important. Their participation is very crucial.  The committee from the national dialogue should put in mind that listening and gathering the views of the victims of war in camps is crucial. They should sincerely, transparently and independently seek comments and concerns of the people who are forced to stay in camps in Uganda, Kenya, Ethiopia and Democratic Republic of Congo. They should transparently tell out the exact information that they would receive from South Sudanese in camps.

The national dialogue is between success and failure. The success of the national dialogue will prevail if the government is seriousin working for peace and justice with concerted efforts. The failure of the national dialogue may also prevail if the government does not show sincere commitment with grantees to convince the oppositions in diaspora and the rebels to accept Juba as a venue for the dialogue.  Juba will not bean attractive venue if the government does not prove up something positive with a political and moral attitude mixed with wisdom to satisfy the minds of oppositions.If the rebels and other political oppositions outside South Sudan are still refusing to accept Juba, the government should look for another alternative location outside the country. All our hope is for success of the dialogue. Political inflexibility combined with politics of tribalism will not take the country to a new chapter of peace, democracy, stability and unity which would be equippedwith fairness.

If the government is really advocatingthat the national dialogue is a better supplement to support peace in the country, then it should include everyone so as to open up a meaningful solution to end the political crisis in the country.  As a matter of fact, the elites in the government must do more to destroy the development of political tribalism without mercy. But if they just keep on talking about the dialogue without any sign of hope to demonstrate that the dialogue is meant for peace and unity through a political and collective commitment then the outcome of the dialogue will further deteriorate the political situation in the country. The national dialogue should include the involvement of all the oppositions and all South Sudanese whether within or in the camps.

By Omuno Mogga Otto

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