Wild political ideas without peace and democracy do miscarriage elections

By Chairman Manyang Parek von Chief Parek


We are aware that there are opportunist’s leaders of first order who have failed to manage our system of governance that led to economic collapse and miscarriage of justice in our nation. They are warlords with wild ideas that cannot bring peace back, leave alone promoting democracy to avoid miscarriage of elections. This reason they have lounged political campaign with high political tactic that can lead to early elections against the will of the people. This idea of early elections without peace in hand is free maturely not developing well in people. In scientific sense it is like spontaneous premature expulsion of a fetus from the womb, before the advancement of pregnancy within the mother. Therefore, it is important to begin now the process of democracy which can promote peace leading to elections without political crisis. Definitely the aim of these rulers is to only control power and wealth without working for development of the nation.

Indeed they are strongly talking aloud about elections without advocating for peace and democracy which is regrettable and unacceptable and that is seen by people as hypocrisy for that matter. Democracy is a modern heritage that promotes citizens participation within the system of governance within the nation. But without widespread violence and admonished respect of human life and dignity in the society as the gospel of life and the Biblical call to justice need to be proclaimed and shared with new clarity, urgency, and energy without doubt. In this democracy does dissolve the grip of the ideology, intoned by big-money interests, intrinsically undesirable and very destructive to liberty in the end. Thus elected officials starve the beast at the back by slashing and spending on social programs in the name of freedom. These leaders must than think deeply about the meaning of government of the people, by the people, and for the people as Abraham Lincoln argued. In democracy, individuals come together to form structures of governance that protect and advance the common good of the people and the whole nation. Indeed, we the citizens are the government, and we the citizens can direct it to fulfill its finest goals and purposes. In this case, we must permit usurpation of their authority by acts of individuals and government agencies that isolate or insulate government from their oversight and control. As we are aware people do have responsibility of participating in self-government through all the means as our constitution do provides instead of being taken for granted every day by these rulers of the country.


It is true that people can bring down bad government before it brings all of us down in miserable way in the country. While national army is a mandatory for all that must uphold South Sudanese collective values, norms and moral ethics. Instead the political crisis in our nation has in fact created suffering to the people without anybody expected to act on their own best interests without national army seeing that truth. As people are so much disoriented not to know or care of what those interests are all about within the society. Yes, citizens of democracy must have the information and ability to determine the actions of the government especially about vast concentrations of wealth and power which individuals have acquired illegally that has occurred in recent years. It is inherently undemocratic as these leaders are using maximum dictatorship, tyranny up to today. Their policy is only that of decentralization which reinforced centralization of big money in few hands that has caused disaster to our nation. They forgot that people remain true owners of the mother land who have little or no control over their own pooled assets or their commonwealth. Thus the power of civic action is an antidote to dictatorial regime as they control much of our lawmaking and regulations of the state. They always commit pervasive abuse through application of dictatorship and tyranny that has increasingly undermines our democracy. Well our party, Sudanile Christian Democratic Party (SCDP) does seek to rekindle the democratic flame within our country. As voting citizens, taxpayers, workers, consumers, and stakeholders there is need for us to unite together as the best way of fighting for our rights, as urged by Thomas Jefferson who counteract the “excesses of the moneyed interests,” that need people to work together as a team to protect common interest by using principles of democracy.

Under this ground we must then consider very seriously how to bring about reform through democratic means necessary for change of the regime as well as curbs on the influence of dictatorial lawmakers and other regulatory agencies. Thus SCDP then considers democracy to be an ongoing, unfolding project that is dynamic and creative in nature. In this sense we are committed to the strengthening of our civil society. And that includes the many mediating institution at community level as are characterized by democracy. So we rightly seek to heal the alienation and apathy that has been cultivated in the citizenry by the power brokers of the status quo. But our anger about the crippling of pour democracy is definitely rising within our country which makes us always offer constructive alternative ideas to rely on. Above all thus current economic collapse has its roots in the vast proliferation of nation-states resources that ended in individual hands instead of providing social welfare benefits to citizens in our society.

Another thing is that we must seek to repair the plummeting opinion of South Sudan in the international community as it took place due to our arrogant, narcissistic lack of foreign policy in our mind-set which never attracts friendly nations. Furthermore, the growing and grave imbalance between the citizens extract power has become an imminent danger to our security as it has resulted to social instability. Here our country is supposed to view itself as a member of the community of nation instead of making enemies for no good reason. This is time for us to play a true leadership role within the world community by committing our self to an eco-social vision of peace, national self-determination, and international cooperation instead of being engaged in senseless wars campaign in the nation. All in our entire main goal is to be one of the political forces within this country through presenting ourselves to our people as candidates during coming elections without any practice of dictatorship.

In conclusion SCDP is out to crack down on political corruption by strengthening the voice of the people to know their rights. Everyone deserves the opportunity, to influence the governmental decisions at any time. Although the defining characteristics of modern politics within South Sudan are purely corrupted by negative campaign in the financial system which make individual’s elites to gain wealth through purchasing political outcomes. That is not healthy for this nation as practice of anti-democratic electoral, ballot access and debate rules designed to minimize participation without right choice by citizens of their leaders has to be avoided. The best way to achieve genuine citizen’s participation is that they must be allowed to share within the power of the government which can bring vibrant grassroots democracy. Thus national electoral system is to promote elections through financing in fair manner according to representative ways. It is leaders who too must ensure that there be accountability and transparency in all levels of the government. Failure to fulfill this promise of democracy it does lead to millions of people being discourage to vote or are trapped among false and limited choices. This system must also promote full and fair representation in order to draw millions of people into civic life which does revive democracy within the country in the end.


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