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Wild fire kills one in Bor

By Jacob Bol Mayar

At least one person reported had died and others injured by a wild fire in the areas of Mareng while trying to rescue their grasses over the weekend.

Yuot Alier Ok, Commissioner of Bor County said that the women were trying to rescue their grasses from the wild fire which resulted in the unfortunately death of one woman and others luckily escaped at the areas of Mareng.

“People need to be vigilant with fire, especially in bushes and house.So that the children keep away from the fire in order not to trigger the fire outbreak and I had experience first-hand went I was in the cattle camp so wild fire are dangerous,” said Alier.

Alier added that people were not aware about the dangers wild fire brought on people as most of the people think they could put out the small and it moves in high speed and that could make a wild fire dangerous.

He added that in developed countries, people are employed to fight wild fire. The issues of the wild fire are recorded across South Sudan especially during the dry Season in the Count

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