On Monday, the Ministry of Wildlife Conservation and Tourism raised an alarm over the rising levels of poaching and illegal hunting at the Nimule National Park. The ministry said the poachers were believed to have crossed from Uganda and some parts within the country were using different local weapons to kill animals at the Park. According to the information the poachers used local weapons for catching elephants such as Wires snares, spears, the minister said adding that they have also apprehended other ivories including Black and White Columbus Money Skin, Hippopotamus teeth, Python Snake Skin and Crocodile Skin. Therefore, it was not clear whether poachers had been arrested and if so the government should bring the perpetrators to book so as to teach others good lessons. This time the ministry should ensure that the culprits are punished because in the past over 50 cases had been registered but no single poacher has been brought to court and the suspects escaped without being punished. The law enforcement agencies need to cooperate with the Ministry of Wildlife to ensure that regulations and laws meant for protecting the wild animals are implemented. Apart from the authorities, it is also the responsibility of every citizen to protect the wildlife in the country for the future generation to benefit from. The wildlife is one of the natural resources and can generate income to the country as well research for study purposes. We need to protect the wildlife by all means because as one of the living creatures animals too have the right to survive.

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