Why youth should be patient enough

By: Agar Mayor Gai-Makoon

Our country is surely unfit for people to live, especially for the young people. This is true for the fact that in every situation in life; be it good or bad, there needs presence of young people. When some elders want their political or other interests worked on, they make friendship with the young. And how they do this friendship is a story for another day. We will on that day find out the ways in which most elders of this world or country entice youth in to fighting for their self-centered interests. And this phenomenon indicates that youth can be a tool for destruction.

Contrarily, if leaders are visionary and peace loving, they positively invest in the young. This happens through educating them about the importance of diversity, the secrets to national success and how to maintain peace among all people of one country such as South Sudan. And in this context, the young people are a tool for peace, unity and prosperity. The country with leaders who have interest in bringing all people to one political or economic umbrella takes this procedure. The country educates and teaches the young people the humanly ways of living. The ways of love, kindness and reconciliation should there be any disagreements among parties, people and tribes. These are the kind of nations we see prospering in this world today.

But though, it is so unfortunate that often times, this kind of countries are very rare. And the leaders of such nature are barely found across the whole world. Instead, the ones whose interests come first in national matters make up a bigger percentage. Why is this so? It is because most people in this country do not understand what real national service and humanity are. We take government for an eating institution, whereby if given a chance, we pray to our God for the gift of food, the gift of pride for the things we will later acquire from the position. It is true that for national servants, they must get food but the problem is when greediness enters their heart. It becomes a major problem and threat to civil population if the people bound to serve them tend to fill their stomachs first, put in their personal accounts what belongs to local people.

 And to make the matters worse, because they have not power as individuals, they involve the youth. How many have not seen this happening? Through relationships and money, the leaders of most African countries, have gained support from the young people. Our country is inclusive. Is it not young people killing one another for what they do not know? Surely, it is young people hating, killing and imprisoning one another. However, it is influence from the elders; they are told if they do so, leadership and money will be theirs later.  And because the young people do not critically look into this promise, our country is at this level. The young do not know that leadership and money can be got without hatred, tribalism and disunity. And that it is just a matter of time. At this age, we need not to be involved in all this mess.

By joining SPLM in government or in Opposition at this age claiming that we will bring change, it is a deceit of the highest order. But instead, we are only preparing to be the next corrupt and tribalists. What positive change can uneducated youth as we are bring to this country?

The young people need to be patient enough such that they are not deceived with ranks, money and leadership positions by any political party. Let us be patient because better things come to those who wait. Do not run for a general, millionaire at this younger age by joining ruling or opposition parties.  The fact that all these current parties can never bring a step of positive change will remain true. Let the young people never be part of this mess.

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