A foot for thought

Why women stories this week?

Anna Nimiriano Editor in Chief Juba Monitor

This week I attended many workshops concerning women affairs. In all workshops, women demanded for their rights in the place of work and in the families.

It was noticed that some cultures were affecting women progress in the country, how are they going to overcome those obstacles was what they were looking for. In any workshop, the key word was solution to the challenges facing them in different places of work. It was also mentioned that several institutions were not considered for women including some media houses which is 90 days.

 Those institutions ignoring women maternity leaves were to face laws, if women are not producing children, there would be no generations existing in this world.

Having those workshops had added values in women progress in the country. It has been positive steps towards women development for the reason that the resolutions they came out are going to help them fight for their rights.

 Women problems expected to be reduced in the near future. Thus, coming together as women these days, meant a lot to them and it had helped them to share their affairs and get solutions by themselves. 

On 25th of this month, the last workshop I attended was about validation, many said on how to improve standards of women in the place of work. It has advantages for female journalists to amend other information which was not supporting women development. For example gender, discrimination in the place of work, lack of respect for women in general. They were been considered less important in decision making, especially in the family issues. 

However, women must unite and advocate for their rights through media outlets. By doing that, it would   reduce problems facing women in media and elsewhere.

Therefore, men should support women not looking at them as if they cannot do anything good. This concept must end in the minds of people for the betterment of women in societies.

May God bless us.

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