Why we should not necessarily act like othersx

By: Agar Mayor Gai

It is a popular saying, “When in Rome, act as Romans.” As a result of the then generational finding, people were happy and contented to conclude that where ever you go, do as the people there do and want. In other words, letting the new environment and its people have an impact on you was the central purpose and meaning of this saying.

However, was this implying that what others do is always right or was the point of concern for the people just a compromise?  If it was a compromise, why then compromise even when the issues may be negative? This is the basis of the article.

 It is a claim by all the public servants in this country that they must go by the actions of the people they found there. These people, when given a public duty, they bring not any changes. And their not bringing any change is as a result of the belief and a wrong concept that if you find two or more people doing corruption, do not hesitate to take part. Not only has that, almost in every sector in our country, this wrong concept has roots. Even when it comes to religious issues, people do what many are doing.

But is it right to act any way others do in their environment?  In my personal view, acting the positive ways of others is not bad but when a person acts negatively, doing things like others becomes a challenge to our individual and national success. This is true for the fact that the nature has allowed that whenever we see our friends erring, the best thing to do is not taking part or encouraging them to continue erring but instead, we should correct and direct these people such that they do not fail themselves and the country as a whole.

 In this country, the fact that people fear to correct, fear to direct and show others the right way is an indication that we are still going by the old saying,” when in Rome, do as Romans do.”

It is high time we understand that most often, we ought not to act the ways of others. This is true for the fact that as humans, not all the ways we live are smooth and harmless. This however, is being witnessed by everyone in this country. There are people who fear being removed from office or they do not account for the corrupt population; they only have to follow and take country’s resources for the sake of others doing it. We have been and still, we will meet a failure bigger than this if nothing positive hits the top. In other words, if our people do not stop acting the negative ways of leaders, this country would not see the bright rays of peace

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