Why we ought to love this land without limit

By: Agar Mayor Gai

It is true that in the Bible, God created man and placed him on this earth and also gave him a mandate and responsibility to take good care of all that was in it. Man lived and lived for years in one land and neither did he ever think of one day finding himself in a divided earth. But to his worst experience and as the population grew bigger, other dividing factors such as of little land for pasture for cattle keepers and love for oneself started getting deeply rooted in mankind. Man started doing all things based on diversity and beyond. This, especially love for oneself, resulted into the division of the earth as countries or states; where by one tribe would want to have only their desires imposed on other people.

The people of this country, however, are among the victims of that sinful acts from their friends somewhere in our continent. Their friends, though currently with a new uniting look, have had in the past the understanding factor of nature which led to the division of our then one country. The understanding that a properly created people were not up to their level and as such, they thought of creating a bridge between us and themselves; they denied us education, hospitals and all that teaches people to be the caretakers of themselves.

The reaction of the Southern people was somewhat a violation of God’s law but because they saw no any other option, they had to take that painful direction and decision. They went to the bushes of Sudan for decades; they lost their homes, lives and fortunately, the lord almighty was seriously starring at their suffering and agonies. He allowed the division and finally in the year 2011, we were declared an independent nation with all being within our reach.

Our duty, as the people living and enjoying the legacy of those who lost their lives during the war of liberation should be to love and take a good care of each other. It is meaningless and at the same time heartless to lose much and later do not compensate what we have lost. In other words, we ought to love this nation through development of the sectors such as health, education and infrastructure. It means folly to leave a nation whose fathers’ or any other relatives’ lives it has claimed and going to build a house, a hospital in a country where your actions are termed foreign. It is high time we act and do that which uplifts high the name of this nation.

How do we do it? Since we seem to have failed to combat corruption; all the money goes straight to our individual pockets, let us solely use this money to develop ourselves within. It is only through this that South Sudan can be transformed into a lovable country and that love would be limitless.

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