Why we are still behind

By: Ngor Khot Garang

In the history of the origin of mankind, the Bible not only the historians had it that the black man was the first person to be created by God and not only was he given everything, he was also given the right to lead a very comfortable life. But seeing the same black man who is unable to build his own hut leaves one with tears and pain that bite deep in the flesh.

The world is now growing and new discoveries are being made but the black man is still drenched in blood and always in tears.  Who is to blame?  I think we have ourselves to blame because God the creator and the finisher of life was not wrong to give us all the things we are now destroying.

One cannot believe but it is true that China as it happened to be one of the greatest competitor of America today was one and half century ago one of the poorest countries in the world but the Chinese people to put an end to that poverty came together as one family and developed the little that was given to them by God and it surprisingly turned out to be the greatest China that we all know today.

Now the question is,   if we as African or South Sudanese who are endowed with untapped natural resources are to put aside our personal differences and join hands to develop what we have.  What kind of a country are we going to have in the next few years? Isn’t it going to be better than America or China if we start from now? Isn’t it going to be worth living than living on foreign aids but for how is Africa going to depend on the foreign aids and what kind of vision do we have for Africa?

It is sad to note but it is true that Chinese,  American and the European have got a vision for Africa and that is why they freely and reluctantly give when we come asking for their help.

It is also heartbreaking how the rich continent has turned out to be the place of suffering and hunger. When will the black man wake up from his deep slumber?  What if the organizations that gives relief services withdraw, where shall we go?

I’m not wrong to say that we have turned this continent upside down and fixing it will take years if we don’t stop relying on foreign bodies. Someone will have to wonder if he/she is strong enough to beat tears to see how some people with beggary mindsets represent their countries when they are seeking for help abroad maybe in USA, China or UK.

“In my country, people sleep under trees, others on rock and some sleep in the bush”. That is what they will say and though some of their words touch nerves, they had different schemes and when given money to come and put an end to the problems that they went for, they would come and buy nice cars and eat road’s money and now the whole world has taken Africa as a very dangerous continent with people who doesn’t care if others eat or not or if they die, that is none of their business.

But the truth is, Africa though it seems to be like in an absolute mayhem right now will one day shine and all the people who have been struggling in dignified silence will have a lot of reasons to believe that Africa or South Sudan was indeed made by God to be more than a place to live in.

Though the feeling is tense, eyes are filled with tears and it is hard to breathe. It is only here where people still stand above every challenge even at the darkest hours of despair where the only option is to concede defeat. It is our responsibility as the citizens of this great country/continent to accept that no any other person will come somewhere else and make where we are a better place to live. We the same people who are tossing it up and down have every solution to every problem that arise within us.  This country is too big for everyone and can accommodate everyone, not everyone’s greed.

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