Why understanding others is important

By: Agar Mayor Gai

It is true that God has created us as one people with same brain and other organs alike. However, it is often times pertinent to all that how we make use of these same organs such as the brain differs from one person to another. In other words, how we think defines our needs and that makes our interests distinctive from one individual to another, one family to the other or from one nation to another. Understanding this fact of nature makes us fit in any society.

It should also be clear to all that often times, if we do not understand this fact and put it not in to use, we find difficulties; we kill to get position, abuse the power given unto us by considering ourselves as high and so imposing our individual interests on others, integrating into the society what benefits us alone. People of this kind do not bring any positivity to the country as they find opposition and more dangerously, they are regarded as self-central, losing their stand in the community.

Before losing their stand however, they leave more setbacks and ill teachings to the young generation. Take an example of this country, because the elders have fallen short of the ideas of unifying the nation, the young population tend to follow whatever the elders are doing. As I speak, the war is no longer among the elders; it has now remained, if no serious remedy is applied, for this generation and others to come. This is the most dangerous implication of our actions on the young should they be of negativity. In other words, if one wants to have their children to stay peacefully, united and prosperous, one must live a life characterized by those factors.

How do we live a life marked by peace, unity and prosperity? This question has both you and me to answer. Through consulting the oldest and wisest man on earth, the bible, I found the ways to living up to the life characterized by peace, unity and prosperity. As humans, we do not possess our different strength and power from what God gives to us.

In the bible, there are directives on how to dwell on the godly characteristics of nature such as peace, unity and prosperity. ‘’Blessed are the peace makers for they shall be called sons of God’’. This statement as directed from the creator calls upon all of us to strive for peace. Who do we make peace with? And how do we make peace with this same person? Eh! I will tell you. We make peace with two persons; our creator and the people around us. We make peace with our creator only if we do what he requires of us. In other words, following the commandments of God is one way to making peace with him. If we do not kill, steal, gossip, do not involve ourselves in harmful practices such as smoking, taking alcohol, and more importantly, remember his Sabbath day, we are in total peace with him.

But to be calm and peaceful with our neighbors, we must understand their interests and what they do not want to see in you. In this way, understanding what others want or do not want becomes of much importance in staying peacefully, united and prosperous. And because, this understanding has not happened in this country, we are not at peace, not united and never prosperous. It is until this interpretation of our distinct interests and wants when the characters of a successful people turn up in us.

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