Some security organs are operating in their own world and do not conform to the standard of duty going with their training if any. At the end they direct all their menace to journalists who are going about their duties of educating, informing and entertaining the general public and the country at large. Juba Monitor seems to be on the receiving end. It is like an intention to portray or create negative images of the newspaper journalists and management. Fire in Konyokonyo was an open incident which was witnessed by the larger members of the public. Why some security agents at the scene saw it fit and decided to detain John Agok and confiscate his professional tools of trade is yet to come out clear. There have been four cases of journalists harassment brought to the attention of the concerned but with little results if any. Security organs or agents like media personalities are all doing responsible work for the country. It cannot be only one side being subjected to receiving end. This is a denial of freedom of expression and borders on gagging and curtailing the operations of the media in the country. It is the duty of the ground players to put things into their rightful perspectives and create a humorous atmosphere where each one could play his/her role without any threat. The government came out with policy to establish the Media Authority to regulate and oversee the growth of the industry which had been marred with a lot of problems for a long time. The authority is mandated to license and safeguard the operations of all registered media outlets which are also paying taxes. All these outlets be it print or electronic must have personnel to man them for productivities and growth. It is therefore abnormal to have these people, part of them journalists, denied access or intimidated and humiliated during the course of their work. This must stop and the existence of the Media Authority acknowledged for the smooth growth of the industry. Where no law has been broken or violated by the scribes, the security agents must stop their harassment of journalists on job. Respect is a two way traffic.

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