The traffic jam on the main Nile Bridge is slowly coming back as has been witnessed in the past few days. This scene had come and gone. What could be the reason(s) again that it is creeping back, worse still the main road to the bridge is equally in a wanting situation. One thing should be clear even with the current situation of coronavirus. This exit is a major concern because it is the lifeline of the country whatever the case it may be. All cares must be taken to ensure traffic flow remained steadfast without interruption. It took almost a year to repair the damaged side which was completed a month or so ago. Who is responsible for the management of this bridge and the Juba-Nimule road? Who is supervising the repairs which should be done immediately any damage is detected? There are so many young engineers who do not have what to do outside there and if those already charged with the management and the development of the infrastructures in different sectors are unable to do their work within their respective dockets, then these energetic engineers should be given opportunity. There must be a commitment to national callings. It should not be taken for granted that what is meant to benefit the common-man is mismanaged just because one has a godfather or a protector. National callings are not to be taken just like any ride. The culture of people not doing what they are supposed to do because they are under protection of some powerful individuals must be discouraged. The appointing authority should properly vet those seeking public offices, not through community recommendations but through their own merits, which includes qualifications and commitment to national calling that should include the management of the main Nile Bridge and the main outlet road that passes through the bridge. It beats all logics that the traffic jam is back in less than a month since the damaged part was repaired. Those sleeping on the job should be shown the door.

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