Odongo Odoyo

Topical Commentary


Moving around the streets, I saw the adverts-boards of companies and NGOs empty, the few ones available need high qualifications. Someone applying must have a bachelor degree or at least a diploma and 5-year experiences, that means those who get new opportunities are people who had worked somewhere before.

What about the fresh graduates, where do they start first to get experiences? This restriction is encouraging nepotism, people have to be employed by relatives such that they get recommended at the end. Many youths are complaining that job opportunities are rarely accessible, and only given through “downplay” agreement and connections involving relationships-exchange interests and bribes.

I no longer see a lot of advertisements, I wonder what is the problem! Could it be because the employees work in one position without being changed? It is a question everyone is asking outside there. A great number of youths is unemployed, and the factors contributing to their unemployment start with corruption in job opportunities, nepotism and favoritism based on interest and connection.

Insecurity in other states, at borders and on the roads is another factor preventing the youths from running their businesses.

It is hard to get a job or run a business. But the most funny part is part when a primary leaver works in a big office while a University graduate is still footing and searching a job on streets.It is a sign that there’s a secret of employing relatives without qualification.

Some of the major reasons for high rate of unemployment include the following factors:

Slow and Poor economic Growth: The economy of the country is very poor and slow to grow or improve, so it contributes to unemployment in a way that basic human needs are expensive in the market which results into collapse of businesses and organizations. This results in youths losing their jobs.

Increase in Population: Provided that South Sudan is one of the countries in Africa where polygamy marriage is practiced, one man could have up to 5 wives and they produce more than 20 kids, hence the population increases, and the jobs become limited for all.

Lack of Agricultural products: A country can only have enough food to feed a population if agriculture is well developed both at rural and national levels.  But in South Sudan it is a seasonal occupation, meaning that it is once a year, that is how people grow their crops. It would be better if there are mechanisms to make use of irrigation such that agricultural activities are carried on throughout the year. It can create continuous employment for youths.

Lack and slow growth of industrialization: When we talk of lack of industries, we are meaning manufacturing or processing industries/companies. South Sudan as a developing country needs industries to be set up which will allow both literates and uneducated to work with their hands and make a living.

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