Why there is a need for unity

By: Agar Mayor Gai

It is said in the Bible that whenever two people come together discussing uniting issues in Christ, the lord almighty stares and comes in between; he speaks, acts and walks in them such that any direction they take is harmless and more importantly uplifting the society at large. Why then would people in this country not want to walk in the right path?

It is true that in the words of all in our country, they wish to have a peaceful and prosperous nation. But though, there is one thing we do not know that it brings the factors such as peace and prosperity; we jumped to the secondary stage without passing through the nursery and primary levels. Can we really make our journey of peace and prosperity without the primary level? Not surely.

For the few years we have had authority and control over our challenges, it is clear that all seem to be out of our hands. Right from political leadership of our country, the markets we buy things from and up to the respective houses of all in this nation, we have been in a total mess.  It is as if our fight for an independent nation was wrong and out of conscience. And surely, the current situation of our nation has that belief by the Arabs and others to prove right at this moment. Why are we not able to provide that which the Arabs felt not right to bring to us?

The primary stage (unity) which we have not passed through has this question to bring to your understanding. The fact that our people are prone to act in tribal ways, doing all things based on the modified form of tribalism and disunity called diversity. This form (diversity), if we do not revise and see its effects, we shall see not the fruitful results of our everyday tireless and momentous efforts towards reaching the secondary stage (peace and prosperity).

This nation though, has now to choose whether to continue this way of diversity or considering one another as one people with one vision. With one people, one vision, all the capable people no matter their one background, can surely work for the benefit of the whole nation.  In other words, one has not to be placed in the national service just because he or she is from a certain tribe or clan and they need to be represented. Representation comes in when the people have different interests and vision but for this nation, our vision is one; that is peace and prosperity through economic, social and political developments.

Why would a tribe or clan demands for a representation in the executive?  This is not a right belief and if our country would want peace and prosperity which they probably hope for, that demand by all the communities of our country must be washed off their minds. The local people must be taught the dangers of their demand such as a way to disunity and tribalism which are at the same time an obstacle to peace and prosperity.  The tribal associations in our various higher institutions should be brain washed such that if they do exist, they should consider themselves an easier way to reach the needs of the students, as an eye of the government.

They have to do this by monitoring the conditions of the students and then presenting to the government how they can be helped out such that peace and prosperity through the right education is achieved for all to see and benefit. This young people, if not rightly oriented and taught the unity ways of living, will not in any way bring peace and prosperity to this country and beyond.

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