Why the formation of TGoNU has to go as planned

By Agar Mayor Gai

For a certain agreement to have its position and existence in the society, the parties to it must always have fulfilled all the pre-existential elements of the concord. But though, the fact that these elements often times are not followed and worked on rightly and at the right time is still a big challenge in this part of the world where power has almost or entirely become the social class determiner.  In our world, we have no any other thing such as political power which divides and creates unconducive environments for the locals.

The suffering of the ordinary people in this country has its root cause in our love for power more than the welfare of others. All we think of is replacing Kiir such that, in our view, we are praised, honoured and worshipped. Is this really the ethical and biblical meaning and purpose of leadership? This is not really the case with leadership. Our desires and self-loving habits should not change the real purpose of leadership. Leadership is a good and moral practice. With that view, it is a necessity that we understand and keep up to the standard of leading others. We are not supposed to fight for positions but instead keep be elected by the people.

Rebellions lead to death of millions. And why would one want to kill, rape and steal the nation’s resources if he or she has humanity in their ways of doing things? Is that not a vicious fight against humanity and a violation of the supreme law of the land? Surely, it is.

Politicians have done terrible things in one way or another in the name of power. Some have killed during wars, raped women and young girls in the streets, and looted nation’s resources.

How do we, as South Sudanese who have, for long, been killing each other and looting resources keep up to the standard of leadership?

We all know that agreements cannot solve the suffering of South Sudanese just because each party proposed a provision which may not go down well with the other. To keep up to the standard of moral and ethical purpose of leadership, the two leaders of this nation must consider the formation of the transitional government of national unity as the only way of assuring the citizens of a peaceful fate. In other words, let the Government be formed even if there are other self-centered interests which are yet to be worked on. The formation of the government will ease and open a way for ethical procedures of leadership such as elections to prevail and be part of the young generations.

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