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Why the educational sector is yet to improve

By: Agar Mayor Gai

Has someone ever asked him or herself about the nature of our educational sector one day? Of course anyone who attends or has once upon a time attended school either abroad or within this country must have asked such a question.

This question, though hard to tackle, is what stirs the minds of students and the educational sector as a whole in the whole world. However, what differentiates the nations of the world is how they go about this question about the future of a nation based on educational policies.

This nation, though, has shown much difference with other nations as that her educational policies do not get implemented instantly and accurately. And as such, we have got a somewhat different kind of education; the education as a preparation to kill, education as a preparation to corruption and education as a tool to divide and ill-teach the young population.

What has brought about this drastic change in the real meaning of education is the belief by the parents in this nation that as their children go to school; they will return with riches as of many cows, build good houses for the family and so on.

This belief, though sometimes a reality, is not what defines education. Otherwise, some people in the villages who have not attended school one day would not have their current riches; our grandfathers would not have had cows and the houses they built. This simple demonstration indicates that education is not how we have taken it. It means a different life and not of material riches. It seeks to elucidate and make known to all races, sex and peoples the real hint on life subjects such as natural sciences; philosophy and spirituality and other areas of life concern.

So from that education explanation, someone called educated cannot, one day, be graduated to later corrupt and be an ambassador of tribalism and disunity. In our nation, this phenomenon is not a new hearing and experience. Does it mean that education is a patronage of dualism; supporting both the good and evil? Not surely right. The purpose of education is only of a good nature and principle. By knowing that education is elemental, going by its principles yields the results of positivity, unity and a society that is corruption free.

But though, who is to administer and put in place these principles? We all know that as students, they only need to be educated but how they are to be educated, they do not know; they only go with what they are given by the authority concerned. This authority is the government for this case. From these illustrations, we can now figure out why the educational sector is yet to improve in this nation. It is for the reason that our government coincides with our parents that students are taken to school to later return with money and other riches. 

This idea has much affected the putting into action the real educational policies in a way that the government educational employees seek to fulfill the interests of their parents by taking in to their pockets what is meant for the implementation of the proper elements of real education. And luckily enough, it should be of information that we can, in the midst of these challenges, improve the educational sector. This is a story for another day.

The sector is left with nothing and as such produces other people who will again be agents of tribalism, self-centrality and other dividing policies of a society.

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