Why technocrats must keep away from delusional Jonglei politics

By Manyuon Mayen Manyuon

Unlike in the Western World, where politics is a game of technocrats, it is extraneous to espy lobbyists and unskilled personalities in Jonglei politics speculating anecdotes against technocrats in a fight to win appointment favor.  Making decisions and analyze solely on technical ethics nor personal or public opinions is what leadership requires rather than happening now in Jonglei politics, it is quite noxious that our people have resorted to vending themselves for a political favor which I think technocrats with vast expertise and technical know-how can’t imitate in this context.

Therefore, it’s illogic that a professional compromise his/her own competency for petty things which would not last longer at the end of the day.

It can justifiably be accentuated that this persisting war of scrambling that seems a trade is superfluous in the actual sense. This is because trading off each other at the expense of getting employment is a sign of failure that the incumbent leadership is starting to fail at zero stage.  

In this analysis, locals will not be elevated, as officials end up catering for themselves and thus the learned ones need not to irk and risk their efforts in trying to plead for a favor. Viewing politics as a mean of survival than of service delivery as in the minds of lobbyists and youngsters who are grappling with how they can win the trust of the appointing authority as a pathway or ticket to grabbing and self fulfillment is contrary to what I know the experts could do.

As much as I know, a principle of technicality gives room for bid analysis instead of pinching on some few individuals who have long term projects for people of Jonglei as opposed to preemptors.This would be clearly understood that a leadership where gamblers would want to climb on professionals with the help of loyalists and lobbyists do not execute the set goals for the people. So, it would be inappropriate to fight for such favor since competency can vividly speak. In this context, it is healthier the learned folks do not interchange words with fraudsters and fraudulent in a fight for appointment.

In the analytical point of view, it is of no sense if our people are diverting from resourceful people to creating tales for their own benefit. If the World could give emphasis for competency, then why are we specializing in lobbying than realities? So it is better that the educated ones relax as they witness the gambling game.

Credit isn’t got through gossiping and murmuring unto counterparts like happening now in Jonglei. This is a hint. Thus, if some few are coveting for leadership, then it is high time for liaison with great minds instead of jumping unto lobbying. Seeing Social Media becoming platform for using idlers to forestall allegations of winning trust against others, then succinctly, I am viewing a complete failure of the leadership in the next few days. The footsteps of successful people are visible.

However, using specific groups to fight for tickets that become societal “obstacles” to achieving development at the end of the day is quite incommodious to progress. Jonglei has a lot of think tanks which are relevant in this milieu as opposed to the self-proclaimed officials and their allies. Experiencing flooding in Bor town is a sign of these lobbyists’ failure in bringing development to the State. If some still want to come back in the name of work, then I don’t concur with them, and if it is the case why did they fail to bring that development in the past?

Seeing all these shifting narrative in Jonglei politics, it could be described as “delusional” given the experience on how the former officials and lobbyists are struggling to claim credits and deeds just to win the trust of the appointing authority and their middlemen. In the World of vast context, it can be confirmed that real technocrats come to leadership through competency than imposed professionalism.

It is imperative to note that though some people are struggling to come through their loyalists and lobbyists, I am quite convinced that their interest is known for it looks weird disowning people in exchange of positions.

In real academic World, a person who is appointed to the public authority is deemed a development oriented than a consumer or a grabber. There are a lot of imperfections in Greater Jonglei that need urgent attention while it would be of no meaning if the self-imposed people want to continue the race with the intention of pinning others down.

Since the Agreement on the Resolution of the Conflict in the Resolution of South Sudan is being seen as a mean of survival then it is crucial that the learned folks cease from the pretenders and be independent in this context.

Technicality is never cheap, it is expensive, and thus faking it remains dubious and doubtful.  Nevertheless, not all the people have hallucination for others. In conclusion, there is supposed to be no need for confrontation among those who wish to come to the leadership. Mind to you, if you want to come into leadership by force and you are a foe of progress, count yourself among the failures. In case you are a pal, then we will nurture you and see how you can create change among the people of Greater Jonglei and their neighbors. By the time, we grow up in minds; we would have internalized the notion that we are able to value others and our people. Thus, it would be of regret if we continue lying to each other on things that do not come to past later

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