Why spill young blood?

By Ngor Khot Garang

As an old folk, you have had the joy of seeing your children grow and even more astoundingly your grandchildren. You have seen all the good and also bad days of your life and visited some of the good places in the world and now what awaits you is a clock to tick and you call it a life well lived.

But before you are lowered in your grave, what comes into your mind when you witness the brutal death of young people who were waiting to bury you? How exactly do you feel when you see little children dying? In your days when you were young, there were those days when you pray for a better life and possibly the grey hair after all the achievements but right now in your 80s-90s as you wait for death to knock at your door; young people with the same prayer for a better life are losing their precious lives.

And this as painful as it sounds is the reason why this country’s future is bleak. In the world over, the future of the country always lies in the hands of its young people and more so, in the hands of those who have been properly raised by the elderly especially when the upper class is not self-centered, but in today’s South Sudan, the elderly are pulling the ropes, and very unfortunate and unsafe are the young people who only end up victims of selfish plans made by the high class families.  Like a bird that has no nest, South Sudanese youth are just lost and stolen is their very future who wander about every single hour going about almost everything and nothing is working out. The country’s wealth if it was on safe hands would have for years been very effectual in the development of the country and created in the country would have been many jobs for the young ones. But unfortunately, this money is being used to buy guns that would later on spill the blood of these young people.

“But why are we doing this to our young people?” I asked from afar and on deaf ears, fallen my words. And I was ashamed. Such a young country with vast natural resources under the iron hands, the future cannot be augured. Corruption and tribalism are the order of the day and students are these young people who will grow up with this knowledge that one can make his way up through these vices and when failure persists, gun’s barrel can make it possible. Words cannot explain the lost brought about by these young people on their own people because in trying to support their old folks who shed blood to cling to power, they ended up shedding their own blood and that of their own people. And ironic as it is, they are forgotten at the dining table and left with no choice but to savor crumbs that fall down from their masters tables.

And seeing these elderly, their protruding bellies points us directly to where our public funds are digested. Everywhere, almost in every part of the country, young people are still shedding tears and guns in the hands of these young people outnumber the school going children. It is sad that the country is losing its young pillars at the time when investing in them would have been the right thing to do. It is high time the country’s leaders stop fighting for their won interest and consider the lost that they have brought to this country and the young people.

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