The Security organs charged with monitoring and maintaining orders for the preventive and protective against coronavirus seems to have relaxed the same law which they are supposed to maintain by allowing or overlooking a number of issues among them social distancing. Some churches and schools are doing business as usual while the government has not officially lifted the ban. What could be happening in the corridor of the security must be found out. Who is sleeping on the job or are there preferences being considered. These questions rest at the doors of the authorities. This country is experiencing the highest rate of coronavirus cases that it cannot be let or allowed to disobey orders that are put in place to protect the entire nation and the citizens. There should be total respect for the law and especially the law enforcement agencies because worldwide cases of the virus are sending shock-waves to human kind. It is the existence of human being that is important here and that is being protected from possible extinctions by the COVID-19.  If it is true as we found out that some learning and prayer institutions were carrying out the gathering which turns into crowd, then each one of them should face the law. It is only for the good of the general public. It is also good for the country. It is pointless to sound a national order which is not being followed by those who are required to do so. The question is there are some learning institutions and churches which are operating against the government order disregarding the required de-congestion which should also be observed by not crowding. The security personnel should instead of running after small thief bring to book those who are endangering the lives of many. Coronavirus is real and unknown to many. Let there be observance until a situation is found to favour the common-man with cure against the virus.

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